Whittier Specialty Products

Whittier Specialty Products

Media Filters

Deep bed media filters are available in upflow and downflow configurations for a variety of flow rates and conditions. Our proprietary media filters include:

L'eau ClaireUpflow Filter is ideal for clarifying river and other surface water sources.

Whittier High-Rate Downflow (HRD) Filter is designed for upgrading water in challenging industrial wastewater applications.

Power Clean® Nutshell Filter is used for removal of suspended solids and hydrocarbons from prouduced water or any water source, utilizing walnut shell media.

Ion Exchange

HD IX Softeners

Produced Water Softeners - Both series Strong Acid Cation (SAC) softeners for high TDS water and Weak Acid Cation (WAC) softeners for very high TDS produced waters are designed to remove dissolved hardness to very low limits and meet the challenging criteria of heavy-duty produced water applications.

Brine Softeners remove dissolved hardness from concentrated brine for the chlor/alkali industry using chelating resins.


AutoFlot® offers hydraulically or mechanically induced gas flotation (IGF) technology designed to separate solids and oil for a superior removal efficiency.

Idraflot® dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology uses microbubbles to lift suspended solids and il for a superior removal efficiency.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

Macro Porous Polymer Extraction (MPPE) is a highly effective, fully automated, liquid-liquid extraction technology that removes hydrocarbons from the water using a proprietary resin bed.

Oil-Water Separation

Streamliner™ deoiling hydrocyclones are designed with an axial flow stator to achieve high efficiency, easy maintenance and reduced cost - ideal for "best in class" free oil removal performance.

Pressure Leaf Filters

Auto-Jet® is the most reliable and versatile self-cleaning pressure leaf filter with a global reputation for performance and durability across hundreds of applications. From polishing water for the production of beverages and pharmaceuticals to heavy duty processes in mining, condensate, oil and gas and refinery markets, Auto-Jet meets the needs of various industries.

Filtra-Maticand Verti-Jet are batch-type filters designed to provide operating efficiency and easy maintenance for high-volume applications or where dry cake discharge is desired.  

Pressure Tubular Filters (Candle Filters)

Auto-Shok® features a high flow rate per unit area and the quick cleaning capability of precoat materials or powdered ion exchange resins by a self-contained, internal air-bump backwash.

Auto-Pulse™ is a tubular backpulse filter designed to achieve sub-micron filtration without the use of filter aids or precoats.

Modular Water Treatment for Unconventional Oil & Gas Production

ShaleFlow is a transportable, easily deployed solution with state-of-the-art technologies packaged in three trailers for the treatment and reuse of water produced by shale hydraulic fracturing operations.


Co-Strip is ideal for effectively removing dissolved gases such as BTEX, CO2, and H2S from water streams with high oil and suspended solids loadings.

Additionally, Veolia offers packed tower gas strippers, including forced-draft and vacuum degasifiers.