Product Range

Pressure Leaf Filters

Auto-Jet® Self-Cleaning Pressure Leaf Filter is the premium, self-cleaning leaf filter designed for efficient filtration in the most severe applications. Due to a superior, patented sluicing design, Auto-Jet® maintains its fully rated capacity even when heavy, sticky or unusually tenacious cake is encountered. Its efficient sluicing system assures thorough cleaning of every square inch of filter surface area each cycle.

The Auto-Jet® is available in standard sizes ranging from 50-2000 square feet, and can be manufactured in various construction materials including steel, stainless, monel, nickel, Hastelloy™, and other metals.

Filtra-MaticTMFixed Leaf High-Volume Filter is a versatile, pressure leaf filter for tough filtration jobs involving large volumes of liquid. It is especially useful where a dry cake discharge is desired.

Designed for operating efficiency and easy maintenance, this filter is offered in two basic models: The Filtra-MaticTMRT with its unique retracting tank, and the Filtra-MaticTMRB featuring a retracting bundle design. It provides excellent sluicing characteristics and features easily accessible filter leaves for quick cleaning and inspection. The RB is available in cylindrical, conical, double-conical or trough tank configuration.

Media Filters

Power Clean® Systems filters are unparalleled in removing suspended solids and hydrocarbons from produced water or any water source. They are equally effective for the treatment of suspended solids, oily residues, ash and metallic hydroxides from industrial liquids generated by metalworking, power generating, municipal, chemical or petrochemical industries.

L'eau Claire Upflow Filter is an upflow media filter offering high bed loading for solids removal and fine removal of solids and colloidal silica. The L'eau Claire is used extensively on river water for pretreatment for cooling water or boiler makeup water. It is also used as a standard in the brine industry. It can remove 3 times the solids of conventional downflow media filters and operates at 6 GPM/ft2 for most applications. The capacity of the upflow filter system ranges from 60 to 1,000 gpm. Multiple units can be coupled to accommodate any larger flow requirements.


AutoFlot® a Mechanical Induced Gas Flotation (IGF) separator. In this apparatus froth flotation occurs, which is the selective separation of solids and free oil based on the degree of surface hydrophobicity. The addition of cationic or anionic polyelectrolyte causes particles to be selectively adsorbed. This will render one particle type hydrophobic while the other stays hydrophilic.

Ion Exchange

HD IX Softeners

Series SAC Softeners can produce less than 1 PPM hardness on produced water with a TDS up to 7000 PPM TDS.This configuration uses a regeneration technique with high purity, high concentration salt solution to regenerate the polishing resins counter-currently, allowing the lowest hardness leakage possible and then direct the brine to the primary resins at a more efficient concentration in a co-current fashion to obtain the highest capacity.We have also incorporated options to gas scour or surfactant clean the resins when fouled with oil.The materials of construction are compatible with produced water at temperatures up to 200F.

Our WAC Softeners are the best in the industry and capable of producing a low hardness level of 0.2 PPM on produced water with a TDS up to 18,000 PPM.Regeneration using HCl and NaOH is highly efficient with our design utilizing a lower strainer plate and dedicated regeneration distributors. The materials of construction are suitable for high temperature, corrosive operation and exposure to aggressive regeneration chemicals.

Our Brine softeners remove dissolved hardness from concentrated brine for the chlor alkali industry using chelating resins. This special design uses a chelating IX resin capable of removing hardness to 10 PPB on concentrated brine to produce a high quality brine that can be used in a membrane cell electrolyzer for the production of chlorine and caustic. The design and materials of construction are critical, especially the choice of elastomers, which need to be resistant to any hardness leaching during operation.Regeneration is performed using HCl and NaOH with a lower strainer plate and dedicated regeneration distributors.This service is very demanding and requires the most efficient design to obtain this quality.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

MPPE Systems

Macro Porous Polymer Extraction (MPPE) system, highly effective, fully automated, remote controlled and guaranteed technology for removing hydrocarbons from water by means of extraction in an MPPE bed.

Sand Filters

Maxi-Flo High Rate Downflow Sand Filter

The Maxi-Flo is a high rate filtration system designed for effective removal of oil and suspended solids from sea water, cooling water and oil field brine. It is ideal for treating industrial wastewater, tertiary sewage and mill scale.

The Maxi-Flo High Rate Downflow Sand Filter offers high performance filtration and longer operating cycles for greater economy and efficiency. It uses an advanced design to allow operation at high flow rates of 12 to 20 gpm per square foot of filter area. The filter's innovative distribution system controls velocity and hydraulic balance within the filter protecting the media during high rate operation. The capacity of the High Rate Downflow system ranges from 60 to 3,500 gpm. Multiple units can be coupled to accommodate any larger flow requirements.

Pressure Tubular Filters

Auto-PulseTM Tubular Backpulse Filter is a Tubular Backpulse Filter designed to accomplish submicron filtration without the use of precoats or filter aids. The unique design makes it possible for small amounts of product to be recovered from waste streams and returned to the process stream without contamination. The Auto-PulseTMis known for its ease of operation.

Auto-ShokTM Tubular Filters is a classical tubular filter, which has several design features which assure proper cleaning on every cycle.

Additional advantages of the tube filter design include:

  • Self-contained internal backwash liquid source. No external backwash pumps or tanks are required
  • Rapid cleaning cycles which result in minimum downtime. Many times this can eliminate the need for an additional filter
  • The entire tube bundle is removable as a unit for easy replacement and/or maintenance
  • A small footprint of the filter minimizes installation costs and facilitates installation in existing locations
  • Minimum auxiliary equipment requirements further reduce costs and ease installation