Applications & Processes

Applications & Processes

Comprehensive process know-how, expertise and continuous research and development are reflected in the many processes offered, which cover all aspects of industrial water and wastewater treatment and include the following:


High-Rate Downflow (HRD) Multimedia Filter

Activated Carbon

Precoat Leaf and Tubular Filters

Membrane Tubular Filters

Membrane Processes:

Ion Exchange:

Strong Acid Cation (SAC) Exchange Softening

Weak Acid Cation (WAC) Exchange Softening


Packed Bed / Mixed Bed 

Condensate Polishing

Regeneration Systems

Deaeration & Degasification:

Stork (Spray/Scrubber)

Vacuum Deaeration

Atmospheric Degassing

Special Applications:

Hydrocarbon extraction by MPPE

Chlor/Alkali Brine Softening