Whittier Filtration and Separation

Filtration, Separation, Ion Exchange, and Extraction for Industry

With a long legacy of class-leading industrial treatment technologies, the Whittier Filtration and Separations products are offered by Veolia Water Technologies for targeted implementation in specific applications.

Whittier Filtration & Separation solutions are engineered to meet or exceed our customers’ standards. Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. Our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system ensures that we maintain our unmatched reputation of managing successful contracts that consistently meet timely completion, performance and compliance to the highest industry standards.

With an unrivalled reference list and a proven track record of delivering cost-effective technologies including water purification, wastewater treatment and reuse, plus outsourced water management options, we have the capabilities to provide full service in-house engineering from feasibility validation with pilot-scale units to full-scale design and fabrication of skid-mounted treatment solutions and turnkey systems that meet the most stringent effluent quality needs of industries and applications around the world.