Filtration and Separation

Filtration, Separation, Ion Exchange, and Extraction for Industry

With a long legacy of class-leading industrial treatment technologies, the Whittier Filtration and Separations product range is offered by Veolia Water Technologies for targeted implementation in specific applications.

Veolia Water Technologies is a pioneer in the development of pressure leaf and tubular precoat filters and still today sets the standard for heavy-duty, automatic filters for industry.

As a provider of treatment equipment for the toughest environments, Veolia Water Technologies offers Oil Filtration and Separation equipment built to the stringent standards of the Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing industries.

We have combined our knowledge of water treatment with our extensive experience in meeting heavy duty requirements to our line of ion exchange and hydrocarbon extraction equipment. More information is available by navigating our web pages or by inquiring using the online contact links.


Auto-Jet™ is the premium, self-cleaning leaf filter designed for efficient filtration in the most severe applications. Due to a superior, patented sluicing design, Auto-Jet™ maintains its fully rated capacity even when heavy, sticky or unusually tenacious cake is encountered. Its efficient sluicing system ensures thorough cleaning of every square inch of filter surface area every time.


Filtra-Matic™ is a versatile, pressure leaf filter for tough filtration jobs involving large volumes of liquid. It is especially useful where a dry cake discharge is desired. Designed for operating efficiency and easy maintenance, this filter is offered in two basic models: the Filtra-Matic™ RT with its unique retracting tank, and the Filtra-Matic™ RB featuring a retracting bundle design.