VRO™ Membranes


the new Veolia private labelled RO membranes

  • unique range of reverse osmosis membranes
  • 13 selected models
  • Suitable for all RO systems
  • Documentation available

VRO™ 5 product lines

  • XSE = Extra Small Energy
  • SE = Small Energy
  • HRSE = High Retention – Small Energy
  • HR = High Retention
  • HWS = Hot Water Sanitation / plus FF for Full Fit

Customer service

The Veolia after-sale service and support teams provide high quality services and preventive / corrective maintenance programs: audit, maintenance, refurbishment, delivery & replacement of consumables, spare parts, total water management.

Worldwide Network

Veolia Water Technologies is made of 130 business units worldwide, ensuring our industrial clients receive local service adapted to their market and culture.