New Flexible Ultrafiltration System

The new UFLEX™ ultrafiltration systems are skid-mounted, reliable and compact solutions for removing suspended solids, most bacteria and log4 viruses.

Permeate Net Flow :

  • 5.8 to 27.1 m3/h (min. 50 lmh / max. 110 lmh) per skid
  • 27 to 108 m3 for two up to four skids in parallel

Typical Applications :

  • Industrial process water
  • Swimming pool water
  • Water recycling & reuse

Features & Benefits

  • Fully automatic operation with no operator involvement
  • Automatic Hydraulic backflush & CEB backwash with connections
  • Integrated and simple use controller for easy operation and maintenance
  • Module vertical mounting for space saving
  • Skid modular and flexible design enabling easy production capacity extension
  • One controller to manage up to 4 skids in parallele mode for cost saving

Type of water to be treated

  • City water
  • Well water
  • Surface water*
  • Waste water*

* Coagulant dosing unit is necessary before filtration process and/or module recirculation pumps (excluded from our scope)



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