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Well proven technology with many references

References shows the value of the technology

As for our online treatment transparency we also believe that well documented references are a must for the serious thermal remediation. Since there is no industry standard for the references we “invented” our own. All remediation data is stored the VSurvey database and hence is ready at your fingertips to support the written reference sheets.

We are capable of supplying references for a lot of situations and contaminants ranging from indoor/outdoor installations, TCH and TCH/SEE combinations as well as low and high boiling compounds such as Trichloroethylene to Dioxin.

Our corporation with TerraTherm Inc. also gives us a huge reference background in different settings and applications.

Thermal remediation near residential area and graveyard

In a residential area in Reerslev, Denmarka vast mass of contamination of Tetrachlorethylene(PCE) was found.

Reerslev, Denmark

To ensure an effective removal of DNAPL, 147 heaters were placed from ground level and down to 10-12 m, corresponding to at least 2 m deeper than the hot spot contamination in the whole treatment area.

Download Reerslev thermal soil remediation case here

Remediation beneath industrial laundry

Beneath a functioning industrial laundry, significant pollution with free phase PCE and other chlorinated solvents was discovered.

Taastrup, Denmark

The site was operated without any nuisance and we were capable of maintaining pneumatic and hydraulic control. Target temperatures were reached within the treatment area.

Download Taastrup thermal soil remediation case here

Thermal Soil Remediation of PCE a active dry cleaning facility

The contamination was situated beneath a dry cleaning facility which activities had to remain in operation throughout the whole remediation period.

Odense, Denmark

Combining two thermal remediation technologies in this project was the optimal way to achieve complete source-zone cleanup of both the clay.

Download Odense thermal soil remediation case here

Remediation in a small residential area

Part of the hotspot area was placed beneath a small pond and very close to both residential houses and to a transformer producing company.

Skuldelev, Denmark

Based on results from an ISTD pilot test in the hot spot area a decision was made regarding groundwater control. To be sure to prevent problems with incoming water a sheet pile were driven 8 m below ground surface around the whole treatment area.

Download the full case about soil remediation in Skuldelev, Denmark

Beneath building with stringent cleanup criteria

This TCE contaminated site located in the outskirts of Copenhagen posed multiple challenges.

Pilehøjvænget, Denmark

To manage the clients risks and perform a safe and predictable remediation we chose Thermal Conduction. The technology is extremely flexible and heater wells do not need to be installed in an exact pattern enabling us to handle potential even odd sized enlargements of the treatment area.

Download the case here

Depth discrete remediation of clay till

On a site that housed a reloading station for chemicals in the 1970s, heavy pollution by PCE, TCE and 1,1,1 TCE was discovered in a clay till layer.

Vadsbyvej, Hedehusene, Denmark

A total of 24 heater elements were installed in the depth interval between 3.5 and 13 mbgs. A PE liner was installed at ground surface to minimise infiltration of rainwater.

Download the full case study here