Krüger  events

Thermal Soil Remediation Conferences & Workshops

Conferences & workshops held in 2018

March 6-7: Vintermøde 2018 in Vejle, Denmark

March 20-22: Renare Mark in Norrköping, Sweden

March 27-28: InterSol in Paris, France

April 8-13: Batelle Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds in Palm Springs, California, USA

May 1-3: NZ 5th Contaminated Land Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand

August 26-31: World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden

September 3-6: NordRocs Conference in Helsingør, Denmark 

November 12: European Remediation Workshop in Amsterdam, Netherlands

November 14: European Remediation Workshop in Budapest, Hungary

November 16: European Remediation Workshop in Milan, Italy

Conferences & workshops held in 2017

March 7-8: Vintermøde 2017 in Vejle, Denmark

March 29-30: Renare Mark in Malmö, Sweden

April 5: "Live Thermal In Situ Remediation". Site visit to ISTD site on Kvarnholmen, Sweden

May 2: Remediation Workshop in Brussels 

May 3: Remediation Workshop in Munich 

May 4: Remediation Workshop in Rome 

May 30: "Live Thermal In Situ Remediation". Site visit to ISTD site in Virum, Denmark (in English).

May 31: "Live Thermal In Situ Remediation". Site visit to ISTD site in Virum, Denmark (in Danish).

For registration and further details please contact Maria Medvedeva,

June 26-30: AquaConSoil in Lyon, France

October 5-6: Joint ICCL - Nicole conference in Copenhagen, Denmark 

November 14: Remediation Workshop in Berlin, Germany 

November 15: Remediation Workshop in Amsterdam, Netherlands 

November 16: Remediation Workshop in Zürich, Switzerland 

Conferences & workshops held in 2016

April 25.: Remediation Workshop in Madrid, Spain

April 27: Remediation Workshop in Milan, Italy

April 29: Remediation Workshop in Frankfurt, Germany

September 5-8: NORDROCS in Aalto, Finland

October 12.-13.: Contamination Expo in London, England

November 7: Remediation Workshop in Birmingham, UK 

November 11: Remediation Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden