Features & Benefits


The SulfothaneTM Desulphurization Unit can be seen as a combination of an alkaline washing column combined with a biological production of elemental sulphur in combination with an alkalinity recovery step.

Feature of the Sulfothane™ process

It is important to note that in the SulfothaneTM process the elemental sulfur is produced in a bioreactor and not in the scrubber itself. Due to this feature, clogging problems that generally occur in conventional caustic or liquid iron based scrubbing systems, are prevented in our scrubber. Overall, the biological produced sulfur increases the operational reliability of the system and enhances the H2S absorption.

Benefits of the Sulfothane™ process

  • Deep H₂S removal efficiency
  • No addition of air (N2, CO2 and O2) to biogas stream, therefore very suitable for further biogas upgrading without changing clean biogas flow and composition
  • Small footprint
  • Most reliable and robust H2S removal process, applicable to high turn down ratios and S-load fluctuations.
  • Very fast and stable start-up procedure with small biomass inoculum
  • Significant chemical savings (caustic, active carbon, iron ore) leading to much lower operating cost.
  • No risk of clogging in the scrubber column