The conversion of H2S into elemental sulphur is a biological process and requires a minimum amount of nutrients (trace elements) for good and healthy bacteria growth and operation of the plant. Therefore a dosing unit is foreseen to add a nutrient solution (Vithane-S) to the bioreactor.

Biothane's laboratory is provided with analysis equipment to determine all of the individual trace elements of a given wastewater sample. By this, adequate nutrient dosing advice can be given according to the outcomes of the analysis.

Vithane® is a special micro-nutrient solution nourishing the bacteria with the necessary vitamins' for optimal performance.

Next to bulk supply we deliver Vithane® on-site in differing package variants ranging from 20 liter cans to 900 liters IBC's.

Please call our biomass and nutrients service number in The Netherlands:
+31 15 2700 111 or send us an e-mail.