Struvia is the ideal solution to allow industries and municipalities to turn a cost (purchase of metal salts, sludge disposal and maintenance caused by uncontrolled struvite precipitation...) into a benefit (sale of struvite as a fertilizer).

Municipal applications

  • Wastewater treatment plants equipped with anaerobic digesteurs
  • WWTP equipped with biological dephosphatation whishing to install sludge anaerobic digestion
  • WWTP equipped with anaerobic digestion wishing to install biological phosphorus treatment
  • Household waste methanization plants
  • Territorial methanization sites

Industrial applications

  • Agriculture : livestock effluent treatment
  • Food & beverage industries: distilleries, dairies, breweries, slaughterhouses, potato processing, where fermentation effluents are treated to be reclamed 
  • Agrochemicals : fertilizers and biofuels production