Sustainable recycling of phosphorus from wastewater

Struvia technology has been developed by Veolia Water Technologies to facilitate the recovery, the valorisation and the reuse of phosphorus contained in wastewater and in concentrated industrial water.

Phosphorus is a key ingredient in the fertilizers used in agriculture and for animal feed. It is primarily produced by mining, and no synthetic substitute currently exists.

Struvia allows for recovery of phosphorus from effluents produced by industrial, agricultural and municipal activities, as struvite crystals (mineral substance composed with magnesium ammonium phosphate; also called MAP) . This opens the way to a local reuse of phosphorus, especially in agriculture.

The recovery of phosphorus is especially important considering declining phosphorus rock reserve. It limits the release of phosphorus into the natural habitat, which causes euthrophication (an imbalance in an aquatic environment).

The Struvia process is adapted to circular economy and sustainable development projects.