STAR Utility Solutions™

Intelligent Software for Water and Wastewater Facilities

The most sophisticated suite of modular intelligent software solutions for sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants on the market.

Water and wastewater facilities capture maximum value with STAR Utility Solutions™ intelligent software.

STAR Utility Solutions

  • Maximises Values
  • Meet operational targets
  • Offers the most cost-efficient control software system

The comprehensive suite of solutions offers state-of-the-art online control and overview.

Based on advanced real time control and forecasting, the intelligent tools continuously provide optimal operation and maximize the value of the existing systems.

Holistic solutions that maximizes value

STAR Utility Solutions™ has a proven 20 year track record based on

  • Dedicated domain expertise
  • Customer involvement
  • Advanced patented technologies

The result is flexible, scalable as well as future-proof.