Veolia has developed a complete range of pre-engineered and standardized SPIDFLOW® PACK units for the treatment of surface water and wastewater polishing

Depending on the configuration and application, SPIDFLOW® PACK can treat from 100 up to 500 mᶟ/h per unit.


  • Pre-treatment of seawater desalination before a granular or membrane filtration
  • Treatment of particles with low density, algae, and floating materials (oils, hydrocarbons, etc.)
  • Purification of surface water containing up to 80 mg/l of suspended solids during episodic peak
  • Groundwater treatment (turbidity, Fe, Mn, H2 S)
  • Removal of algae, organic matters, colour, oils and hydrocarbons
  • Wastewater treatment: post-MBBR clarification

Spidflow® pack key benefits

  • High performance system
  • Flotation velocity of 30 m/h
  • Highly reactive to water quality variation
  • Very compact process
  • High sludge concentration
  • Low operating costs
  • Well managed energy consumption
  • Moderate use of chemicals


  • Masdar, United Arab Emirates, 2015, Spidflow® Filter Pack, sea water, 42 m3/h
  • Annet sur Marne, France, 2009, surface water, 103 m3/h