Available options

Optimizing drying cycles by adding energy

To ensure consistent performance throughout the year, SOLIA™ Mix may be fitted with an additional source of energy.

The heat can be used in various ways such as air heating or floor-heating system.

The heat from the treated effluent is extracted by a heat pump and recovered to supply energy to a floor-heating system.

This energy input reduces both the greenhouse surface area and the drying cycle duration while maintaining the treatment capacity, regardless of adverse climatic conditions.

Intelligent ventilation management

Veolia has developed ACoDry, a customizable advanced monitoring and control system to optimize greenhouse energy consumption, of which ventilation can represent up to 90% in electricity.

Through analysis and adjustment of key parameters, such as hygrometry, temperature, solar radiation and sludge properties, ACoDry is able to reduce the power consumption by 50% while maintaining the same level of drying performance.

Efficient odor treatment

Sludge treatment is often synonymous with bad odors. Based on the local context and characteristics, Veolia offers two patented solutions, Aquilair™ and Alizair™, designed to reduce odor emission and provide optimal comfort.