Local Service

Related Services for a Global Water Treatment Solution

The VEOLIA local after-sale service and support teams offer preventive and corrective maintenance programs to ensure the long-term, optimal operation of your reverse osmosis water treatment plant: audit, maintenance, consumables & spares, emergency repairs, refurbishment, training, etc.

VWSRO reverse osmosis membranes

VWSRO reverse osmosis membranes

VEOLIA offer a complete range of high quality reverse osmosis membranes to improve water purification processes.Our worldwide network ensures our customers a quick delivery of consumables.

Depending on your application, we offer different reverse osmosis membranes from 2.5", 4" up to 8".

  • VWSRO-XTLE Extra Low Energy Elements
  • VWSRO-LERA: Low Energy Regular Area Elements
  • VWSRO-SRHA: Standard Rejection High Area Elements
  • VWSRO-HRRA: High Rejection Regular Area Elements

HYDREX® water treatment additives

Preventive, Curative and Conservation Chemical Treatment

Hydrex®, water treatment additives, provides a broad range of chemical solutions that can be pro-actively applied to the feed-water. to reduce and neutralize the impact of contaminants on the membranes :

  • Reduction of off-line periods for cleaning
  • Production cycle increase
  • Decrease of extra-power costs engaged to pump water into fouled membrane
  • Membrane life increase
  • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs.

Hydrex® product range is covering most of practical field situations and is also offering dedicated solutions to efficiently restore the membranes recovery and the installation integrity, through CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) or off-line cleanings.

VEOLIA portfolio for Hydrex® chemicals contains also the needed products for membranes safe storage conditions.

Mobile Water Solutions

Emergency rental, planned temporary hire, long-term contracts

The VEOLIA for mobile water solutions, offer a complete range of solutions and services meeting short or long term purified water needs, for commissioning or shut down supplies, water quality changes, seasonal capacity uplift, etc.

  • Large fleet of trailers and containers
  • Full assistance and availability
  • High flow rates capacity solutions
  • Continuous production
  • PreAct preventive service