SIRION™ Multipure

State-of-the-Art and Complete Sytems

SIRION™ Multipure is the Premium reverse osmosis system for a wide range of industrial applications: process water, utility water, wastewater treatment, water re-use applications, agricultural irrigation, etc. Complete, SIRION™ Multipure features all the options on a same skid.

  • 16 size available, from 5 to 104 m3/hr
  • Complete PLC control with touch screen and multimedia pre-filter control
  • Feed water TDS from 1000 to 5000 ppm
  • 8" low energy membranes
  • Flushing, chemical pre-treatment for membrne protection
  • Submersible multi-stage centrifugal pump (no noise)
  • Frequency converter
  • Air compressor
  • First permeate discharge
  • ORP measurement, etc.

Flushing and chemical cleaning: The SIRION™ Multipure includes the Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) system to form a complete package and to avoid the contamination of the membranes and incrustation of minerals, organic matter, biological matter and colloidal particles.

Two SIRION™ Multipure installed for a Power plant