Reverse Osmosis Systems

The SIRION™ reverse osmosis systems are developed for pure water production, sea water desalination and water re-use applications, and for all Water Applications and Budgets.

Reverse Osmosis process

Reverse osmosis is a process that uses membranes to remove over 95% of dissolved salts, such as calcium bicarbonate and sodium chloride, from water. It is used either alone or in combination with processes such as ion exchange in a variety of applications where the total dissolved solids (TDS) concentration in water has to be reduced. The RO membrane also acts as a very fine filter removing 99% of suspended and colloidal solids, bacteria and organic molecules with molecular weights in excess of about 200Da. This makes the process particularly attractive for applications where treated water not only has to be low in TDS but also of high clarity and free from bacteria, such as that used for soft drinks and pharmaceuticals manufacturing.


 Typical Applications



Industrial process water
Boiler feed
Food and beverage industry
Automotive industry

min. 10 L/h
max. 90 L/h


Industrial process water
Central Pure Water Production
for Hospitals/Institutes/Laboratories

min. 90 L/h
max. 5 m3/h


Industrial process water
Water re-use

min. 5 m3/h
max. 30 m3/h

SIRION™ Multipure

Porduction of potable water
industrial process water
Agricultural irrigation
Industrial water reuse

min. 4.7 m3/h
max. 104.2 m3/h


Air Conditioning
Heating systems
Boiler feed water

min. 130 L/h 
max. 20 m3/h

SIRION™ Seawater

Process water
Agricultural irrigation
Potable water

min. 25 m3/day
max. 890 m3/day

Our products are manufactured to strict quality standards using the best materials, have short lead-time and can be quickly installed on-site.

  • Compact and skid-mounted systems
  • For brackish water and sea water desalination
  • Flow-rates from 10 L/h to 105 m3/h
  • Complete range from basic to upscale units
  • Modular in design, can be easily integrated into existing plants
  • Options, flexibilty, adaptability
  • Total water management, related services

We meet the most demanding standards of reliability, safety and quality.

  • System performance
  • Compliance with process and environmental requirements
  • Long-term cost-effectiveness