Features & Benefits

Selectron Water Softeners

Features and Benefits

  • The Selectron™ utilises a fully programmable and flexible microprocessor control system with an easy -to-read LCD display to provide constant system status
  • Selectron™ units can be upgraded by using the same control, common to the entire range. Similarly, Timelock systems can be easily upgraded to Watermeter operation
  • Simple to programme and use; softener regeneration is automatically controlled and initiated
  • The advance control systems ensure that optimum performance is achieved from the softeners, thus maximising water savings and minimising salt usage
  • Choice of Timeclock or Water operation
  • The control head operates on 24 volts to ensure safe installation, operation and maintenance
  • All units in the range are supplied'off the shelf' for quick, easy and low cost installation and start up
  • Proven design and materials of construction ensures operational reliability
  • Solenoid valve prevents hard water to service during regeneration (optional)