Special circular design makes the difference

The compactness of the RAS2020 design means that the same volume of fish can be produced in half the area taken up by a conventional system

Krüger's RAS2020 fish farming facility makes it possible to produce fish in almost any location, as long as the requisite waste water expertise is brought to bear, with water discharge engineered to meet current environmental requirements. The system requires relatively little in the way of fresh water resources.

The circular flow of water in the tank, together with the movable walls of the facility, are a unique design that results in great flexibility with regard to species and production logistics. The tanks are separated by nets through which water can flow allowing the optimal water speed to be maintained with respect to fish size in the two tank loops. It also avoids sedimentation of unwanted material.

The facility takes up considerably less space than traditional land-based facilities. 

An advanced control system directs all the important parameters such as oxygen, pH, CO₂ and temperature

Illustration of the Water Treatment Process

1. Fish tanks with movable compartments
2. Biofilter MBBR reactor (AnoxKaldnes/ Veolia)
3. CO2 and N2 Degasser
4. Propeller pumps into level weir
5. Inlet channel and circulation propeller
6. Drumfilters (Hydrotech/ Veolia)
7. Purge tank
8. UV filter
9. Fish Sorting and System Inspection Area