Sustainable inland fish farming

Sustainable salmon production in Switzerland using recirculation

Fishfarming with virtually no emissions and very little supply of fresh water is now possible combining modern recirculation technology with Krüger’s expertise in wastewater treatment. To produce certified sustainable salmon from its land-based salmon farm in the Swiss Alps, Swiss Alpine Fish must have control of its water consumption and discharge. Therefore Swiss Alpine Fish has invested in the RAS2020 aquaculture system from Krüger. This technology ensures that as much as 99.7% of the water is treated and recirculated in a land-based system. In this way hardly any emission reaches the local water environment.

Sashimi Royal, Denmark

In the fishing town of Hanstholm in Denmark, a RAS2020 facility is being built at Sashimi Royal. The facility will rear 1,200 tons of Kingfish (Seriola lalandi) annually, which makes it the current record-holder for the size of a land-based facility for kingfish in the world.