Features & Benefits

Advantages of RAS2020

The RAS2020 has a number of advantages compared to conventional RAS solutions - both during the construction phase and during operation.

Advantages during construction:

  • No underground piping – less associated risks 
  • Reduced foot print – up to 40-50 % 
  • Prefabricated standard concrete modules for quick and cost effective construction

Advantages during operation:

  • Uniform adjustable flow velocity in the entire water column – similar water parameters in the entire tank volume
  • Up to 99,5 % recirculation of water 
  • Reduced operating costs for manpower 
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Vacuum CO2 stripper - enhanced N2 and CO2 stripping 
  • High turnover – up to two tank volume though RAS per hour
  • Excellent conditions for management overview
  • Sorting and grading equipment may be placed on the central platform reducing distances during the fish handling process
  • Adjustable tank sizes to secure optimal density
  • Separation of fish in purge tank for daily harvest
  • Purge tank with integrated RAS-system
  • Prepared for ozone injection