Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Increased capacity and lower chemical usage means more treated water per litre of chemical and hence lower operating costs compared to conventional solutions. Rapide Strata™ challenges conventional thinking about ion exchange.

Fully automated

  • PLC controlled
  • Facia mounted display with 5 language options
  • Continuous conductivity monitor with auto service shut off and alarm
  • Minimal operator involvement
  • Optimal regeneration sequence
  • Continual, intermittent or zero recirculation of water when tank reaches high level point

Stratified anion bed

  • Highly efficient removal of organics; can tolerate up to twice as many organics in the feedwater than conventional solutions.
  • Combination of anion resins increases capacity and results in higher quality treated water.

Pulse regeneration sequence

  • Excellent chemical efficiencies compared to conventional solutions. Rapide Strata™ uses 20% less chemicals per m3 of treated water (40% less for Rapide Strata™+).
  • Greater removal of impurities and improved resistance to chemical and physical fouling compared to traditional solutions.

Short cycle ion exchange

  • Regeneration in 30 to 45 minutes ; maximizes production time
  • Reduction in treated water storage requirements
  • Minimal waste handling
  • Increases bacterial control

Counter current regeneration

  • Highly efficient use of chemicals
  • HIPOL™ integrated cation polishing device (Rapide Strata™ +)

    • Polishes trace NaOH from anion resin
    • Checks anion resin exhaustion
    • Inferential silica monitor
    • Water exceeding Ph Eur and USP conductivity requirements