Case studies

Case Studies

Pulp & Paper - Australia

Amcor Petrie Demineralisation System, QLD

Capacity 18 m3/hr

Cartonboard mill producing clay coasted cartonboard, used primarily in the production of printed folded carton. Amcor Petrie has an annual production of 140,000 tonnes of cartonboard, using recycled waste paper.

Veolia Water Technologies was awarded the contract for the upgrade of the Petrie Cartonboard Mill with a Rapide Strata 18 deionisation systems to augment boiler make up on site, treating water from Brisbane mains.

Power Plant - UK

SELCHP, Energy from waste, Lewisham

SELCHP is an energy from waste (EFW) facility in Lewisham, London, operated by Veolia Environmental Services. The plant incinerates up to 420,000 tonnes annually of household waste. The heat from the incinerator produces 395°C superheated steam in 46bar water tube boilers. This steam drives a turbine which generates 35MW of electricity for export to the National Grid. The exhaust steam is condensed in air cooled condensers and returned to the boiler via a deaerator where demineralised make-up water is added to replace steam and water losses.

The on-site make-up demineralisation plant had been installed in 1993. It was limited in output to 10m3/h and operated for about eight hours between regenerations. After boiler shut down they have to refill the boiler with 120m3 of demineralised water. With 80m3 production between regenerations and the long regeneration time this could take up to a day. A replacement plant was required to deliver high purity water meeting a 0.1µS/cm conductivity and 20µg/l silica specification.

Veolia's solution was a two-stream Rapide Strata™+ 18m3/h packaged deioniser system together with conductivity, pH and silica monitoring, PLC controller and HMI. The two streams operate as duty and standby but, when demand is high, both can run together to deliver 36m3/h. When demand for make-up water is low and the treated water tank is full, the duty unit automatically switches to recycle mode. Recycle operates for 20 minutes every two hours and keeps the resin beds in good condition as well as polishing the water in the treated water tank to maintain quality.

The short regeneration time of the Rapide Strata™ + means that the boiler can be back in service 6-8 hours earlier and, with boiler down time costing about £4,000 per hour in lost revenue, that is a saving of around £30,000.

Food & Beverage - Philippines

The world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company

To optimize the delivery, installation time and reliability of the plant, the solution offered is based on a combination of Veolia standard proprietary technologies:

  • Rapide Strata™ - The Rapide Strata™ twin-bed deionizers produce high purity water for a range of industrial applications. The unique design offers savings of up to 40% on running and effluent costs compared to conventional ion-exchange systems. Regeneration in 30-45 minutes using SCION technology minimizes downtime, enhances bacterial control and improves chemical usage efficiencies.
  • Berkal™ - The Berkal™ disc filtration systems remove contaminants such as fibers, grit, sand and algae. They are also compact and have high flow and retention capacities.
  • Sirion™ Mega - Sirion™ Mega RO system produce high purity water, removing up to 98% of dissolved inorganics and over 99% of large dissolved organics, colloids and particles. The low energy membranes used also result in lower operating pressures, which allow cost savings.


  • 100% recovery for the 10m3/hr RO Unit
  • 90% recovery for the entire process water treatment plant
  • Recognized as the most resource efficient process water plant factory in the Philippines