Markets & Applications

As well as addressing the needs of general industry, Rapide Strata™ and Rapide Strata™ + deionizers meet the specific needs of the following markets through the provision of high purity water.


Water is by far the largest volume raw material used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, toiletries and cosmetics. High purity water from Rapide™ Strata can be used for:

  • Product dilution
  • Contact lens manufacturing
  • Toiletries
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals

Surface Finishing

Rapide™ Strata produces high purity water that can be used for :

  • Diluting surface treatment chemicals. The water must be free of dissolved minerals, gases and organics in order to avoid adverse reactions that can reduce their efficiency and effectiveness and result in higher usage rates and running costs. 
  • Rinsing. The water must be free of impurities that lead to unsightly stains and deposits.
  • Avoiding paint adhension problems. In automotive and general finishing processes the presence of silicone can impair the adhesion of paint to surfaces.*

*Rapide™ Strata silicon free manufacturing option.

Boiler Feed Water

High purity water generated by Rapide™ Strata can be used for boiler feed (including medium and high pressure boilers). Helping to reduce or avoid problems such as:

  • Build up of deposits ; reducing heat transfer and contributing to higher fuel costs and more frequent blowdowns.
  • Corrosion of pipework, joints, etc. ; higher maintenance costs and increased risk of failure.
  • Silica contamination within steam ; when used to drive a turbine, silica deposits can form on the blades reducing efficiency, increasing operating costs and potentially provoking catastophic failure.

Other applications

  • Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • General industry