QUATTRO™ - Pure Water in a package

Quattro™ systems supply high purity water for a range of applications.

Nominal flow rates from 500 to 3000 l/hr.

Fully-integrated water purification package

Fully-integrated water purification package

QUATTRO™ is a convenient and cost-effective solution for supplying up to 3000 l/h of high purity water (less than 0.7µS/cm conductivity). It combines in a single compact skid-mounted assembly four treatment processes:

  • softening
  • filtration
  • reverse osmosis (RO)
  • continuous electro de-ionisation (CEDI) 

1- Softening

Softener columns pre-condition the process feedwater by removing water hardness due to calcium and magnesium ions.


The pre-filter step serves to extend the lifetime of the reverses osmosis membranes by capturing any fines particulates.

3- Reverse osmosis

The pretreated water enters then into the RO membranes. In addition to removing microbial impurities, the RO phase removes up to 97% of dissolved inorganics and over 99% of total dissolved organics, colloids and particles.

4- Continuous Electro-deionisation (CEDI)/Service Deionisation (SDI)

The final polishing step is done through CEDI or SDI process. The CEDI is an electrically driven, ion exchange technology combined to ion selective membranes, which operates continuously without chemical regeneration.
The SDI is the use of mixed bed ion exchange cylinders which are replaced and regenerated off-site.

QUATTRO™ systems are fully pre-assembled and pre-tested before delivery, ensuring that installation is a virtually "plug-and-play" process, saving more time, and guaranteeing the minimum of on-site disruption.