The QUATTRO™-S - flexible and cost effective water treatment

A fully-integrated water purification package for the pharmaceutical industry.

USP and Ph Eur purified water specifications

Combining four treatment processes - softening, filtration, reverse osmosis and continuous electro de-ionisation - in a single compact skid-mounted assembly, QUATTRO™- S is a convenient and cost-effective water treatment solution.

QUATTRO™ systems are fully pre-assembled and pre-tested before delivery, ensuring that installation is a virtually "plug-and-play" process, saving more time, and guaranteeing the minimum of on-site disruption.

  • Flexible process and monitoring options
  • Fast-track project delivery
  • Intuitive microprocessor control
  • Chemical sanitisation for microbial control
  • No regeneration chemicals
  • Unique HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen
  • Meets USP and Ph Eur purified water specifications