Technical Details

Technical Details

PYROMIX™ injects pasty sludge directly into the waste incinerator using compressed air sprayed through an injection pipe inserted in the incinerator wall.

Injection of pasty sludge directly into the waste incinerator

The air's pressure and flowrate are set to ensure an even dispersal of the sludge in the form of fine droplets over the domestic waste.

The sludge is incinerated with the waste, without:

  • increasing the production of waste gas treatment residue,
  • modifying the nature of the slag.

Up to an additional 20% (weight) of household waste can be allocated to sludge, without altering the thermal capacity of the incinerator.


  • Elimination of sludge drying phase;
  • No grab handling (direct spraying of sludge into the incinerator);
  • Sludge injected in the form of fine particles and evenly spread over the household waste;
  • Injector adaptable to all types of grate incinerators;
  • Easy maintenance (single injection system);
  • Simple installation and reduced investment cost;
  • Alternative option to basic sludge disposal outlets;
  • Sludge-to-energy recovery system.