Technical details

Technical details

Pyrofluid™, a safe process

The sludge incineration flue gas is used for air heating combustion and to produce heat as warm water or steam.

Depending on physical-chemical characteristics, produced ashes by the Pyrofluid™ incinerator can be:

  • Recycled for use within road construction (such as substratum road);
  • Incorporated in special concrete (for example, auto performance concrete);
  • Discharged to a landfill.

The treatment applied to the flue gas of the Pyrofluid™ incinerator integrates dust extraction and acid gas removal using a dry or wet method. It complies with the most rigorous European regulations on sludge incineration. The flue gas sewage residuals (REFIB) are disposed of in landfill centers (approximately 1% of the incinerated sludge tonnage).