Additional Advantages

Additional Advantages

High performance plus simplicity

The Power Clean System upgrade, because of its unique design, gives a "like new" condition to the media after every backwash, yet does it in a simple operation. This results in a very simple control panel, a small amount of external piping and a minimal amount of startup and operator training. In the final analysis, the "Way" you "Clean" the filter is the "Key To Success" in fluid filtration technology. However, it must be done in an easy, understandable manner, compatible with normal unsupervised operations.


The Power Clean System design can be used to convert a "high rate" sand filter to a "high performance" filter. This conversion will increase the throughput by 60% and decrease the backwash volume by 90%, using the existing vessel. This will reduce supervision and operating costs and, at the same time, allowing oil recovery from the backwash water.


  • Texas Registered Professional Engineer
  • Water treating and injection facility design
  • Water quality and corrosion control programs and monitoring
  • Material selection and procurement of equipment
  • Quality control of procured equipment prior to shipment
  • Onsite construction supervision

On-site testing

Power Clean mobile units are available for on-site testing. Trailer mounted pilot units can be easily connected to your water system, providing the necessary flow rate for optimal test results for your application. Our technicians are qualified to set-up the test filter, demonstrate its operation and let you perform the test yourself. You will see immediately, just how simple our system is to operate.