Features & Benefits

Features & benefits

Pomethane® constitutes a best practice' application for the management of industrial waste in the palm oil sector

Technology features

  • No cooling requirement before treatment
  • Operation of the plant at a temperature of 52-55°C
  • Highest biogas yield
  • Significantly shorter retention time
  • Compact design & small footprint
  • Safe & reliable process design

Renewable energy production

The process captures the methane from the waste organic matter to run a gas engine to generate electricity. An alternative option is to burn the biogas in a boiler to generate steam and hot water.

  • Use the energy produced with the biogas plant for your mill production and staff quarters
  • Generate revenue through the sale of excess electricity back to the grid

Environmental pollution minimization

Pomethane® is specially designed to reduce the impact of your activities since the energy is produced from a renewable source and producing biogas as an energy source is Co2 neutral.

The combination of Pomethane® with a tertiary treatment step opens up additional value creation potential through the reuse of water for irrigation and the application of surplus biomass as fertilizer.