POLARIS, packaged distillation equipment.

POLARIS is Veolia's family of distillation products for the production of water for injection and highly purified water.

With high capacities and a range of designs available, that includes both steam and electrically heated units,we have the most comprehensive & truly global portfolio in the market today.

POLARIS boasts:

  • Single effect distiller
  • Multi Effect Distiller
  • Vapour Compression Distiller
  • Clean Steam Generator
  • Horizontal Kettler steam generators
  • Combi units for simultaneous water and steam production


Combine POLARIS with our pre treatment and RO CEDI packages and we have the capability to design, deliver & install a complete high purity water system from raw water all the way through to water for injection, including storage and distribution.


All POLARIS solutions are designed in accordance with GAMP, cGMP, ISPE and FDA guidelines and will meet the product quality specifications of all of the world's major pharmacopeia, including the USP and Ph Eur, giving you peace of mind and compliance assurance, wherever your facility is.

Service and Support

Thanks to our worldwide presence, we can offer you local support & service from our global offices. We also provide with yearly service & protection plans.

Full validation documentation is provided to satisfy DQ, IQ and OQ protocols and, of course, all POLARIS water purification systems are fully supported by our comprehensive after sales service to ensure long term, efficient operation for Critical Water Utilities applications.