The ECODISK® range of biodiscs

The Ecodisk® biodiscs

Ecodisk® is the commercial name of the Ecodisk ®, the flagship solution commercialized by PMT. With 20 years of experience, PMT will soon deliver its thousandth Ecodisk® treatment line. Thanks to their robust conception and their simplicity of operation, the PMT biodiscs have gained recognition as the most liable equipment on the market for the treatment of the domestic waste water. 

PMT today

  • Over 1500 Ecodisk® units with or without lamellar decanter on more than 1000 references.
  • PMT has been selected as the preferred solution supplier to treat the waste waters for a population equivalent above 500 000 in 45 countries.
  • Over 30 million ft² of Ecodisk® in service in 2 standard diameters (6,6 ft - 8,9 ft) and in diameters between 9,8 ft and 13,1 ft for larger projetcs.

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Ecodisk reference for a vineyard

Biological discs are particularly well suited for small and medium size communities, rural or suburban, with a size between 100 to 10,000 people equivalent (PE). The best proofs of their adaptability are our references in various sectors, such as:

  • camp sites;
  • hotels and resorts;
  • base camps and shelters;
  • construction, extension and rehabilitation of waste water treatment plants.

Avantages of the technology ECODISK®

Above all, the biological discs from the Ecodisk® product range have convinced thanks to their technical advantages, differentiating them from their biodiscs competitors:

  • reliability of the materials (UV resistant, thick walls, stainless steel structure);
  • low maintenance (full stainless steel shaft, slow and controlled discs rotation);
  • modular process;
  • minimal electrical consumption, thanks to high efficiency motors;
  • noble materials (stainless steel, polypropylene);
  • optimal landscape integration with the choice of the cover colors;
  • plug and play design, including clarification.

The Ecodisk® solutions meet the European waste water treatment regulations (including the German regulations which are even more stringent):

  • the Ecodisk® product range, with or without a coupled lamella settler, for the treatment of the BOD, COD, as well as Total Suspended Solids and for the elimination of the ammonium, through nitrification;
  • the Ecodisk® Denit product range for treatment of the nitrates, through denitrification;
  • the Ecodisk® Filter product range for advanced secondary filtration of the TSS;
  • the Ecodisk® M design for the treatment of the sludge or/and the TSS downstream biodiscs;
  • the Poligreen® product range for the complementary elimination of phosphorus and TSS on existing lagoons plants.

In short, our solutions fit perfectly the actual needs from many organizations or municipalities, for small or medium sized projects.

Focus on our product range and applications


In their standard versions (outside of the large diameter solutions), the PMT biodiscs can be installed in 2 ways:

  • semi-burried version: biological disks equipped with a protection cover for a perfect on site integration. The tanks are laid on a concrete slab. Usually, the level of the slab is defined by the hydraulic profil of the project and environmental external constraints. Thus, the biodiscs can normally be semi-burried or even totally buried.
installation of a semi-burried Ecodisk
  • building version: to be installed in a pre-existing or in a specific building. This version is lighter than the semi-buried as it does not include covers.

The Ecodisk® product range is also available in a so-called “renovation” version. It consists in a kit of discs and all the adjoining equipment, to be mounted and installed on-site. It is destined in particular for the renovation of existing biodiscs, from PMT but also from its competitors. Thanks to the diversity of the disc diameters available, it is always possible for us to find a proper solution for a specific project. 

Mechanical characteristics

All PMT disc solutions share these common characteristics :

  • full discs in polypropylene;
  • full shaft in stainless steel;
  • spherical cylinder bearings inserted in Oilamid supports;
  • distance between two bearings : max. 2m (distance validated through calculation notes);
  • maximum rotation speed of 3,7 rpm;
  • polypropylene tanks with stainless steel structure;
  • in the semi-burried versions : composite fiber-glass covers, with large choice of RAL.