Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Wastewaters

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Wastewaters

Veolia Water Technologies is the world leader in wastewater solutions, we design and build turnkey plants for treating complex wastewaters from API, pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetics production facilities. 

Whatever the manufacturing process is and wherever the facility is located, we can treat the wastewater.

Client Satisfaction

“Veolia has once again exceeded our expectations with their proposed solutions. Using the recommended water technologies, we managed to reduce our energy consumption, chemicals usage, and sludge production. By taking care of how we dispose our wastewater, L’Oreal is sending a strong corporate message that cements our commitment to environmental sustainability. With the help of likeminded partners such as Veolia, we are confident that we will be able to mitigate new challenges that come our way.” 

Ari Cahyo Saputro, Environment, Health and Safety Manager, L’Oreal Manufacturing Indonesia