Features & Benefits

Efficient Water Treatment Systems with Short Delivery Time

OPASCEP™ constitutes a large range of skid-mounted systems for drinking water treatment, in compliance with the W.H.O recommendations.

Certified ACS, The OPASCEP™ units use well-known and efficient technologies to produce high quality drinking water: coagulation, flocculation, lamellar clarification, pressure sand filtration, injection of calcium hypochlorite.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete treatment line including all necessary equipment and reagents to treat surface water for producing potable water
  • A range of 7 standardized units producing from 10 to 100 m3/h
  • Modular systems which can be combined to treat larger volumes or for specific treatment applications such as manganese, arsenic, pesticide removal, etc
  • Proven technology combining physico-chemical process and pressure filtration
  • Easy to operate, remote control device
  • Skid-mounted systems which can be easily integrated into concrete plants
  • Cost effective solution, pre-assembled in our workshops allowing a short delivery time and fast commissioning
  • Flexible, can be adapted to raw water characteristics and to the treated water quality to obtain.