Opascep Pack

Compact and Flexible Drinking Water Treatment Plant

With decades of experience in potable water treatment solutions, Veolia is the key partner of Municipalities and Industries to develop and implement the most reliable water treatment systems, providing an extensive range of technologies and services.

Veolia Water Technologies supplies a large range of Skid-mounted systems for drinking water treatment meeting the W.H.O recommendations.

The OPASCEP™ unit turns surface water into potable water for small and medium size cities :

  • Combines coagulation, flocculation, filtration and disinfection
  • Compliant with ACS and meet W.H.O recommendations
  • Produces from 10 up to 125 m3/h per unit; Units can be combined for larger capacities
  • Plug & Play system, ready to install
  • Skid-mounted and containerised unit
  • Fully-automated or robust manual operation

Worldwide Service Network

  • Local Service Support
  • Fast delivery and commissioning
  • Safety standards
  • Part and Consumable replacement
  • Preventive & curative maintenance

OPASCEP™ est certifié ACS

ACS (Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire) est délivrée par les laboratoires chargés d'effectuer les certifications concernant le traitement de l'eau potable selon les circulaires émises par le ministère français de la Santé .