Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

OdoWatch® is the world's first electronic-nose network for 24/7 wireless odour monitoring.


Electronic Noses

  • Sensor matrix with an array of up to 64 different sensors
  • Remote sensor calibration & software updates
  • Wireless communication
  • Independent power supply

Weather Tower

  • Wireless communication
  • Provides weather forecast for odour plume calculations

Monitoring Centre (display)

  • Odour recognition & quantification algorithms
  • Source characterisation algorithms
  • Utilises weather tower data
  • Computes odour plume
  • Calculates odour emission rates
  • Issues alerts when preset thresholds are exceeded
  • Predictions over the next 2, 4, 6, ... 24 hours
  • On-demand reports at any time
  • Archives data for future reference
  • Capacity for 250 strategically-placed e-noses


  • Distinguish between the odours generated by the site from those originating elsewhere
  • Continuously archive the results for later reference in case of complaints from neighbors
  • Identify the most troublesome odour sources
  • Issue alerts when pre-set thresholds are exceeded
  • Enable quick action in the event of operating incidents