OdoWatch® can be used for real-time odour monitoring at municipal and industrial sites, including :

  • Waste disposal sites
  • Water treatment sites
  • Composting sites
  • Industrial plants
  • Agricultural sites

The Need for Odour Monitoring

The need for odour control is particularly acute when dealing with wastewater or industrial sites close to residential areas, where nuisance odours give rise to widespread complaint. The difficulty is that when neighbours complain about a smell, they are often vague about when it occurred, how long it lasted, its intensity or character. Humans' experience of odours is extremely subjective, perhaps because human DNA contains one gene for hearing, three for vision, 12 for taste, and 1000 for smell. But it does mean that apart from creating citizens' committees and spending a lot of money on neutralizing equipment and chemicals, there is not much that a site manager can do. Until now, it was impossible to monitor an odour 24 hours a day, and it is equally difficult to establish whether a chosen solution is working or not.

Example: OdoWatch® for a Wastewater Plant

Each e-nose contains a matrix of sensors optimized for the odours of the site. They sample the air 24 hours a day, and transmit the results to the Central Control Unit where the OdoWatch® software merges them with the meteorological data in order to model the atmospheric dispersion of odours.The diagram below shows an OdoWatch®  system designed for a waste water treatment plant.