Technical Details

Technical Details

Performance parameters

  • Deadleg free stainless steel pipe work with hygienic clamp connectors
  • 14 kW electrical loading for standard building fuse
  • Frequency-controlled pressure pump
  • 480 l / 280 l hot water tank
  • Manufactured to MDD

Technical highlights

  • Patented process for permeate ultrafiltration
  • Long lasting ultrafilter through crossflow operation
  • Water saving through concentrate return
  • Three-stage pressure regulation valve for fully automatic filling of the tank in case of excess permeate
  • Microprocessor controlled

System Dimensions

nephro™ SAFE Item Specification


Dimensions (W x H x D) 

790 x 1950 x 1450 

Weight (empty/full) 

approx. 350/850 kg

Heating element 


12 kW 

Tank (= hot tank) 


480 litre 


power consumption 

2 kW 

Temp during heat-disinfection 


> 80°C 

Electrical connections 

Mains plug 

CEE plug, 5 pin, 32 A 

Mains voltage 

400 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz 


25 A saftey fuse K characteristics 

Electrical Safety 

Type of protection against electrical shock 

Protection Class I 

Overvoltage Category II 

Protection against the penetration of liquids 

Splash Water Protection (IPX 4)