Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits
  • The functional, hygienic design and the use of high quality stainless steel ensures the high reliability and long life of the nephRO™ SAFE
  • High efficiency thermal insulation and the double-walled structure of the tank ensures low power consumption
  • The frequency-controlled pressure pump ensure optimum pressure and flow conditions in the distribution ring
  • The nephRO™ SAFE is manufactured completely from stainless steel which is surface-treated to maintain optimal hygiene to all fluid ways
  • A completely dead zone-free design is ensured through hygienic clamp connectors
  • Dead zone-free measurements in the tank is performed through state-of-the-art liquifants sensors
  • The temperature in the tank is maintained constantly at >85°C, eliminating microbiological contamination
  • Sampling points permit convenient and safe microbiogical analysis of the permeate