Sand Filtration

Sand Filters & Media Filters

Veolia offers FILTRAFLO PACK, a complete range of modular and flexible skid-mounted sand filters and multimedia filters, for municipal and industrial applications:

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Process water production
  • Treated water reuse 


Sand filter

Sand filter

Multilayer filtration (sand & anthracite)

Flow-rates : from 10 up to 100 mᶟ/h per unit


  • Turbidity reduction and TSS removal
  • Prefiltration for RO systems
  • Surface water filtration

Specific treatments:

  • OPAFLO: Mono, double or triple layer filters
  • OPAFLO Fe / OPAFLO™Fe Bio: Iron removal (chemical or biological treatment)
  • OPAFLO As: Arsenic removal

FILTRAFLO PACK (GAC): Activated carbon filters

Pesticide removal

Pesticide removal

Granular Activated Carbon Filtration

Flow-rates : from 10 up to 100 mᶟ/h per unit

Applications :

  • Pesticides removal and micropollutants removal
  • Reduction of taste and odor
  • Natural organic matter polishing