Press Releases

Press Releases

In Gabon, Veolia accelerates its commitments in the areas of water and electricity


Veolia Chairman and CEO Antoine Frérot visited Libreville on 22 October to meet with the President of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba. He reiterated the Veolia Group's support for the SEEG development policy, which falls within the President's "Emerging Gabon Plan".

The commitment was made to increasing the water and electricity production and distribution capacities of its subsidiary SEEG and to implementing an ambitious employment policy that supports Gabon's economic and social development strategy.

By January 2016, Veolia will secure the supply of drinking water in Libreville by commissioning a new drinking water production station in Ntoum, about 40 km from the capital. It will increase the current capacity of the plant by 15,000 m3per day and will serve more than 100,000 additional people (with a total daily production of 215,000 m3per day).

Veolia (Municipal Standard Solutions) is providing 5x OPASCEP PACK units to produce 770 m3/h of drinking water in compliance with the World Health Organization's (WHO) recommendations.

In addition, to improving and enhancing Libreville's electricity supply, an additional 40 MW will be produced as from end of this year - equivalent to the consumption of 200,000 people.

OPASCEP™ PACK is the new cost-effective potable water treatment solution


OPASCEP™ PACK constitutes a range of skid-mounted systems which turn surface water into drinking water in compliance with the World Health Organization's (WHO) recommendations. Ready-to-connect, the OPASCEP™ PACK systems combine well-known and efficient technologies on a single skid: coagulation, flocculation, lamella clarification, pressure sand filtration and disinfection. The modular design allows larger treatment capacities up to several hundreds of m3 per hour.

Veolia Water Technologies has improved the design of its OPASCEP™ PACK in order to meet the new challenges faced by public authorities.

The OPASCEP™ PACK range (7 models) can treat larger flow-rates from 10 up to 125 m3 per hour (100 m3 per hour previously). Tank height was increased thanks to the use of Hi Cube containers during transport, allowing for higher flow-rates and an overall increase in settling and filtration performances.

The settling part is now equipped with the latest generation of reinforced LVE 100 lamella blocks, which lightens the structure supports and reduces overall fabrication lead time by up to 1 week for the larger models.

Full automatic mode is now available as a pure standard, while manual operation remains available as an option.

OPASCEP™ PACK is a cost-effective solution because it does not require heavy civil work: a simple reinforced concrete slab is enough to install it. Assembled and tested in France before delivery, they have short lead-time and can be quickly installed on site (10 to 15 days depending on the model).