Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

MED process has a lot of advantages in comparison with other desalination solutions.

Advantages of the MED & MED-TVC

  • Very low electrical consumption (1.5 kWh/m3) compared to other thermal processes such as Multi Stage Flash (MSF) or membrane processes (Reverse Osmosis)
  • Operate at low temperature (< 70C°) and at low concentration (<1.5) to avoid corrosion and scaling
  • Produce steadily high purity distillate
  • Do not need complex pre-treatment of sea water and tolerant to variations of sea water conditions
  • Are highly reliable and simple to operate
  • Reduce civil works cost thanks to reduced foot print
  • Are simple to install with the packaged unit mounted on skids and delivered ready for use, after simple installation
  • Have a low maintenance cost (No rotating parts except low pressure pumps)
  • Operate 24 hours a day with minimum supervision
  • Ideal for coupling with power plants, steam can be used at any pressure from 0.35 to 40 bar abs
  • Can be adapted to any heat source including hot water
  • Allow very high thermal efficiencies and savings in fuel costs
  • Range up to 15 MIGD (68 000m3/day)

Advantages of the MED-MVC

  • Range up to 5000 m3/day
  • Are environmentally clean: 100% electrical process (no external heat source)
  • Have high energy efficiency: electrical energy consumption ranging from 8 to 15 kWh/m3
  • Sea water consumption is reduced with only make up water necessary

Characteristics and advantages of Veolia Water Technologies design

Major advantages

> Water spray through large opening nozzles or dismountable perforated plates:

  • Better water distribution - No risk of plugging
  • Allows final degasing of sea water

> Low vapour velocities:

  • Low pressure losses
  • Better quality of distillate (< 2 ppm TDS)

> Knitted stainless steel wire high efficiency demisters
> Tubes expanded in tube plates: guarantee of a constant purity of distillate
> Easy access to the evaporator internals
> High quality selected materials
> Factory assembled and tested (for capacities <2500 m3/day) on skid, with all auxiliaries, so that installation on site is minimized
> A complete range of standard MED-TVC and MVC units is available up to 3000 m3/day.

Energy sources flexibility

MED can be powered by almost any kind of heat source:

  • Very low Pressure (LLP) steam (0.35 to 1 bar a):MED
  • Low or medium Pressure (LP or MP) steam (over 2 bar a): MED-TVC
  • Hot water sources above 60°C:MED
  • Electricity:MED-MVC

Steam or heat is available from:

  • Steam turbines
  • Gas turbine power plants (open and combined cycle)
  • Diesel generators
  • Heat recovery on flue gas cleaning and waste incinerators
  • Heat recovery on exothermal industrial processes
  • Geothermal waters