Multiflo™ Series

Multiflo™ Series

Major Benefits

Efficient Treatment adapted to meet your needs : The Multiflo™ SERIES offers several treatment solutions depending on the required objectives (drinking water, water reuse, discharge into the environment) and the inlet water quality (surface or underground water, storm water, municipal wastewater, biofilter backwash, mixed liquor).

Multiflo™ Mono

Multiflo™ Mono is suitable for easy settling without adding chemical reagents and with a sludge thickening system.

This configuration is recommended for :

  • Partial silt removal of surface water
  • Partial storm water treatment
  • Partial primary treatment of wastewater

Multiflo™ Mono Plus

Multiflo™ Mono Plus is specifically designed to clarify mixed liquor from an upstream activated sludge aeration tank.

Similar to the Multiflo™ Mono principle, Multiflo™ Mono Plus provides a sludge draw-off system based on suction, which control both extraction and sludge bed level in the settling tank.

Multiflo™ Duo

Similar to Multiflo™ Mono clarification principle, Multiflo™ Duo uses upstream chemical reagents to enhance the settling performances of the process.

The Multiflo™ Duo is suitable for :

  • Surface water turbidity removal for drinking water applications
  • Advanced storm water treatment
  • Primary and tertiary wastewater treatment
  • Treatment of sludge from biofilter backwashes

Multiflo™ Trio

Multiflo™ Trio combines the performance of the Multiflo™ Duo with the advantages of physical chemical sludge recirculation : optimization of reagent consumption, improvement in sludge settling and thickening.

Multiflo™ Trio is the ideal solution for :

  • Reduction in raw water turbidity for drinking water
  • Carbonate removal from surface or well water
  • Heavy metals removal from surface or well water
  • Pesticide removal from raw water
  • Advanced primary or tertiary wastewater treatment
  • Residual caronate removal from effluent before recycling