MPPE Technology

Macro Porous Polymer Extraction

Macro Porous Polymer Extraction (MPPE) is a highly effective technology for removing dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons from water by means of liquid-liquid extraction.

The extraction liquid is immobilized in MPP particles applied in a packed bed.

The MPPE system is fully automated, remote controlled with a guaranteed separation performance for the operational life of the unit.

MPPE Process description

In the MPPE process, water containing hydrocarbons is passed through a column packed with MPPE particles. The Macro Porous Polymer particles contain a specific extraction liquid.

The immobilized extraction liquid removes the hydrocarbons from the water. Only the hydrocarbons, which have an afinity for the extraction liquid, are removed. The purified water can then either be reused or discharged.

Periodical insitu regeneration of the extraction liquid is accomplished by stripping the hydrocarbons with low-pressure steam. The stripped hydrocarbons and steam are condensed and the hydrocarbons are separated from the water phase by gravity.

The almost 100% pure hydrocarbons phase is recovered, removed from the system and ready for use/reuse. The aqueous phase (condensed steam) is recycled within the system. The application of two columns allow continuous operation with simultaneous extraction and regeneration. A typical cycle is one hour of extraction and one hour of regeneration.