Information for quotation

Macro Porous Polymer Extraction

Proceed within one week

Basic information required:

  • Based on some basic information we can give you a price indication
  • Basic information required:
  1. Inlet composition
  2. Outlet composition
  3. Flow rate
  4. Non/availability of steam
  • If further information is required laboratory and/or field test can be carried out

Laboratory test

Laboratory tests can be carried out with samples from water to be treated.

  • Target compounds to be removed

Based on laboratory tests the suitability of MPPE can be concluded as well as sizes and cost estimations for given flowrates and separation performances required.

  • Possible effects of other constituents (water environment)

Quite often clients have perceived dangers for non performance due to other constituents in the water. Many tests have been carried out for evaluating these possible effects.

Field test on site onshore and offshore

Full evaluation of the MPPE technology under real-life circumstances is possible with our mobile MPPE units.

  • Plug and play (electricity and inlet water)
  • Fully automated 
  • Remote controlled by internet
  • Obtained data representative for scale up
  • 24/7 operation (one week can be sufficient)
  • Various flows, waterstreams, compositions can be tested.
  • Including preparation, start up, training and reporting