Pure Water Quality

Mobile Water Services for Pure Water

Small & Medium Capacity Plants

We provide mobile reverse osmosis and mixed bed polishing solutions to produce pure water:

  • MOFI™
  • MORO™ & MOFI™

High Capacity Plants

The mobile water services reverse osmosis and ion exchange deionisation solutions meet the most challenging and demanding qualities and quantities of treated water for today's industry:

  • MODI™ : two ion exchange streams made of cation/anion and polishing mixed bed vessels, from 10 to 150 m3/h
  • MORO™ & MODI™ : MORO units may be combined in parallel or series to achieve higher flow rates or better water quality.
  • REMOX™: a degassing mobile unit is dedicated to dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide removal

You benefit from our solution

  • Rapide response
  • Flexible and custimised solution adapted to your needs
  • Two streams per MODI™ - duplex configuration
  • Zero discharge
  • Off-site regeneration via our local Veolia regeneration stations
  • Minimal chemical handling
  • Cleaning-In-Place
  • Combination of MORO™ and MOFI™/ MODI™
  • Experienced team
  • Compact plants