Water Pre-treatment

Mobile Water Services for Water Pre-treatment

We provide mobile water services to treat potable, borehole, surface or sea water

  • Clarification
  • Filtration, Activated carbon
  • Seawater desalination

Compact & Reliable Solutions

  • Suspended solids and colour removal
  • Colloids removal
  • Removal of heavy metals
  • Manganese and nitrate reduction
  • Chlorine removal
  • Organic pesticides & COD reduction
  • Recycling of treated wastewater
  • Sea water conditioning

Related Services

Once installed and commissioned, our local service engineer can visit your site regularly to ensure that the unit is operating correctly.

  • Worldwide service network
  • Fast delivery and commissioning
  • Chemical supply
  • Consumable replacement
  • Preventive and curative maintenance
  • Emergency hotlines
  • Safety standards