Solutions for Power Plants

Mobile Water Services for Energy Companies

Veolia offer a complete range of solutions meeting water requirements of the Power Industry

Large fleet of trailers and containers

Solutions and services that meet short and long term purified water needs

  • ACTIFLO advanced clarifiers
  • MODI ion exchange deionisation units
  • MORO reverse osmosis units
  • MOFI ion exchange, sand filtration or activated carbon units
  • Mixed Bed exchangers
  • PreAct preventive service contract

Up-to-date water purification technologies

Mobile solutions deployed as stand-alone units or combined to form complete systems

  • Surface water clarification
  • Water pretreatment (Organics/ filtration)
  • Sea water desalination
  • High resistivity make up water
  • NOx reduction
  • Silica reduction (Ultra low SiO2)
  • Chemical cleaning (demineralized water)
  • Steam blow (High resistivity & ultra low SiO2 content)

The Power industry benefits from the Veolia solution

  • Global network at your local service
  • Rapide response
  • High flow rates capacity solutions
  • Zero discharge
  • Continuous production
  • Preventive service