MetClean™ is capable of removing most metals from solutions.

Typical applications are :

  • Potable water contaminated by arsenic or nickel as a result of pyrite oxidation.This problem can be solved by installing a MetClean™ treatment unit at the existing water supply facility.

  • Groundwater contamination due to leaching of metals is easily eliminated by using a dedicated fluidised bed reactor accommodated in a standard container. A typical application is chromium removal from metal coating facilities or fly ash landfills.

  • Industrial wastewater from metal treatment industries, wood preservation, tanning... containing the metals already mentioned.

  • Flue gas desulphurisation wastewater from power plants is the field in which Veolia Water Technologies has gained most experience so far. MetClean™ is highly suited for this heavily contaminated wastewater and offers a substantial reduction in treatment and waste disposal costs. In fact, MetClean™ is capable of treating a range of metals to lower ppb levels than can be achieved in a traditional precipitation plant. In this application, the elimination of the sludge problem is a very obvious advantage.